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The most wonderful sound in the world

If you, like me, are an old school online enthusiast, click on this link just to listen to the embedded audio file. It’s the sound of a modem dialing up a remote computer and connecting. Like Madrigal, of all the nostalgic sounds I can remember, that one is the most magical. The accompanying story is quite interesting as well, but it’s worth clicking for the audio file alone.


  1. When I clicked through to savethesounds.info I was amused by two things:

    • There is no sound of an actual telephone bell. I haven’t heard one of those in eight years, except on television or in passing.

    • And whoever was dialing that rotary phone obviously hadn’t done it in a while, if ever. There’s a cadence you can hear when someone with practice does it.

  2. No mention of the AT command set??? You weren’t living life to it’s fullest unless you were TALKING to the modem …


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