The changes to the v1.1 API requiring authentication won’t affect Tweetbot, all current API calls are already made using authentication. The new rate limits that are part of the v1.1 API will likely end up being a good thing, instead of having a fixed block calls that can be made across the entire API the limits will be based on specific actions. We actually expect this to minimize the chances of being stuck in “Twitter Jail”. As an example, if you refresh your timeline over 60 times in an hour, you’ll still be able to post or DM. In general assuming the numbers listed on Twitter’s side remain consistent this should make for an overall better user experience.

Paul Haddad of Tapbots (makers of the popular Tweetbot Twitter client) comments on the Twitter API 1.1 announcement. The post title is “Don’t Panic.” It’s good to get the perspective of someone in the business of creating a Twitter client.