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The near future of JavaScript

If you are a Web developer, you should check out Brendan Eich’s Strange Loop presentation on The State of JavaScript. JavaScript was supposed to be my 2011 skill of the year, but I really didn’t make any progress toward that goal and wound up learning other things instead. This year I’ve learned a ton of things, but not much JavaScript. In the meantime, JavaScript has become an even more essential skill for developers. As it turns out, I have managed to learn a fair amount of Scala and Hadoop since I wrote that post, and I’m learning Python right now as well. Maybe in 2013 I’ll get back to JavaScript.


  1. wait long enough and your favorite programming language will have a plugin to just export to javascript.

  2. Rafe, I’m curious. Was your lack of progress on JavaScript related to a) the JavaScript language itself, the tools you were using (such as debuggers and IDEs), libraries and toolkits b) A lack of projects to play around with c) More focus on server-side tech or all of the above, none of the above?

    The reason I ask is because, I have been similarly stalled in my attempts to further my JavaScript skills (it doesn’t help that I’m on a Silverlight project currently, and trying to learn a dozen other things, like Response Design, SASS/LESS for CSS and HTML5, in addition to UX strategies). I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just me.

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