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Abelardo Morell’s camera obscura

Last month’s National Geographic has a feature on Boston-based photographer Abelardo Morell, who sets up a room-size camera obscura and then photographs the results, which are astounding.

Camera12 Manhattan South

The National Geographic article has a few examples of his work, and his official site has many more.

Links from May 25th

The Kinkade aesthetic

Anyone who loathes Thomas Kinkade as much as I do will appreciate this leaked Kinkade-authored memo offering 16 guidelines for achieving the Kinkade aesthetic in a film. (via Kottke)

You can get an idea of how the guidelines were applied in the trailer for Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage.

This is the best piece of Kinkade snark since Janelle Brown wrote Ticky-tacky houses from “The Painter of Lightâ„¢ back in 2002, about a Kinkade-inspired golf course community in California. The prices of those houses have not fared well in the current climate — here’s the 5 year pricing chart for one of the houses in the neighborhood from Zillow.

Flags as infographics

FP Passport links to an project by Brazilian artist Icaro Doria in which he uses flags as infographics simply by applying a legend to the colors. The United States flag made me chuckle, but some of the African flags hit me right in the gut, the way few other infographics have. If you’re a designer of any kind, don’t skip this link.

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