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Serve.gov and MLK day

My favorite piece of writing by Martin Luther King is his letter from a Birmingham jail. I explained what I like about it last year on Martin Luther King Day.

If you’re interested in commemorating the day by volunteering (any time in the future), you can find opportunities with this widget, which, I have to admit, I think is pretty cool in its own right.

Martin Luther King day

Matthew Yglesias notes that Martin Luther King should be remembered not only for his views on racial justice but also on his believe in nonviolent protest.

For me, King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail will always be the ultimate statement on the urgency of confronting injustice and the proper means by which to do it. The letter was a response to a statement made by eight Alabama clergymen that King and his movement should wait on the courts to address unjust laws rather than engaging in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience.

The letter is short and worth reading in its entirety, especially on this day.

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