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Tobacco companies more evil than you thought

Tobacco companies found themselves facing the need to argue that some of the scientific evidence used to support laws banning smoking in public places is “junk science“, but quickly realized that a campaign focused on tobacco-related research would be dismissed as transparently self-serving. So they instead spent their money to a create propaganda campaign that attacked scientific research on many fronts, including research that supported smoking bans. The end result? The execrable Web site JunkScience.com. I’m sure John Stossel fits in here somewhere as well.

Links for March 31

  • Jason Kottke: Our collective recent history, online. A collection of magazine archives available online. Putting archives online is cheap, and you can put ads on old stuff just like you can
  • jwz: Happy Run Some Old Web Browsers Day!. Everybody is linking to this, but who cares? jwz has put the original Mozilla Communications home page online. I didn’t know that the old Netscape style of making the first letter in every word really big went back to day one.
  • Josh Marshall: Stickin’. This is a brilliant piece of political analysis. As the Democratic nominating process has proceeded, Hillary’s chances of being the nominee have decreased. As her chances decrease, she must necessarily make increasingly extreme claims to justify remaining in the race. Now her argument is that Obama cannot beat McCain in November. What Josh doesn’t say is that the surest way for that to be true is for the Clinton campaign to make it true. Expect things to continue to get uglier.
  • Chris Blattman: Holy evaluation. I love everything about this blog post.
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