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Mark Knoller, Twitter’s MVP

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a stamped of big media figures making their way onto Twitter. During the campaign we had folks like Ana Marie Cox and Slate’s John Dickerson. These days, we have everybody.

I wanted to call out the reporter who I think does the best job of anyone using when it comes to using Twitter — Mark Knoller, the White House correspondent for CBS Radio. If you ever wanted to know what life is like for a White House correspondent, or you want to keep up with what the President is up to on a daily basis, Mark Knoller is your guy.

His Tweets are well written, often funny, and almost universally informative. If you’re interested in politics at all, you should start following him immediately. When people protest that they don’t see the value in Twitter, Knoller should be part of the explanation of why they’re wrong.


  1. The examples you’ve cited recently (Mark Knoller and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill) are good example of where Twitter makes sense. But do I really need to want to know that my [relationship] is at the [location] looking for [random thing or person] every 20 minutes ?

  2. @John — that seems more like an argument for selectivity in whom you follow, rather than an argument against the medium for keeping up with folks…

  3. @acm – agreed. Just seems like the majority of the stuff people tweet is not very useful, but I guess that’s not different than the web or the world in general! 🙂

  4. I gotta say, following Knoller is not for the faint of heart — I have to scroll back several pages before I find any of the rest of the folks I want to keep up with…

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