InfoWorld has an absolutely pathetic story about the recent security risk involved with commerce sites. Basically, the problem is that many Web sites place their Web log files or access reports within their publicly accessible Web root. These files are getting indexed by search engines, and people are finding the files and all of the information located within them. Depending on how the commerce software is set up, things like credit card information and other sensitive data can be captured within these log files, and if those log files are publicly accessible, exposed to the general public. If the shopping cart software doesn’t use the GET method, or the site administrator is smart enough to protect his access logs, then this risk is eliminated. Unfortunately, the idiots at InfoWorld fail to provide the basic information that I included in this paragraph, and instead spent a few hundred words yammering about security risks without discussing the specifics at all. It’s no surprise few people really know what’s going on; the trade press doesn’t tell them.