Something to think about when you see those schmaltzy ads this holiday season–they’re a bunch of corporate thugs intent on manipulating the legal system to harrass the owners of a domain name similar to theirs. By some unfortunate coincidence, some profiteering greedheads decided to call their company, not realizing that the name was already in active use. The morons have since figured out that people find their way to (an art site) by mistake, and rather than trying to resolve the matter in an honorable or even sensible matter, they’ve convinced the court system to take action against, even though it existed long before their pathetic toy peddling Web site. You can read about this sick combination of corporate entitlement and judicial ineptitude in any number of places, including The upside of this whole thing is that bad acts like the one perpetrated by do not go unrecognized or unpunished on the Internet. I feel slack for not discussing this matter on my home page sooner, but it’s been getting plenty of coverage in other places. In any case, I feel confident the court system will overturn the idiotic preliminary injunction against All it takes is a judge who understands complicated issues like, “first come, first served.” The bottom line–just don’t buy toys from, OK?