Tom’s Hardware has an interesting article on the failings of RAMBUS memory. Even if you don’t care about PC hardware at all, this article is illustrative of two important truths. The first is the amazing gap between hype and reality. RAMBUS technology is ridiculously inferior to normal SDRAM (which nearly all PCs use today) in terms of price versus performance and even flat oiut performance, and looks to remain inferior to it for the foreseeable future. Even so, RAMBUS share prices are astronomically high because Intel partnered with them. Why did Intel partner with them? So that they could earn a fat chunk of cash through licensing fees on the proprietary technology. So Intel is foisting overpriced, bad technology on their customers in order to increase their profits. Same as it ever was. The second truth is that the Web remains a wonderful medium for exposing this kind of customer-unfriendly behavior on the part of companies like Intel. It’s wonderful that an independent Web site like Tom’s Hardware can publish well researched, comprehensive articles like this one that completely blow technology mirages like RAMBUS out of the water, despite the fact that the traditional purveyors of hype are completely behind them.