OK, it seems to be in vogue today to talk about whether Mozilla is a browser, or whether it’s an application platform. If you thought I wouldn’t toss in my two cents, you’re mistaken. First of all, regardless of what the Mozilla project is building, Netscape 6 PR 1 is a browser. A browser that needs an awful lot of work before it’s fit for public consumption. It seems to me that regardless of whatever else the Mozilla project does, they should be building the components necessary for Netscape (and anyone else who uses the Mozilla code) to release a killer browser. Fortunately, the people at Mozilla seem to understand this. It seems to me that once again we have a case of the hangers on coming up with some whacked out argument about why whatever they’re feeling religious about can do no wrong while the actual developers figure out what’s wrong and do their best to fix it. This is an everyday occurence in the world of computers. Nothing to see here, move along.