Some thoughts on the Salon redesign apology: Jason Levine points out that most sites don’t, in fact, apologize for their pathetic redesigns, and that’s true. A few sites that did do that sprung to my mind yesterday, but I can think of lots of bad redesigns that didn’t involve apologies from the sites. This seems to happen an awful lot with newspaper sites, I don’t think the Washington Post or the LA Times ever apologized for their miserable redesigns, even though they should have. A friend also wrote to say that Yahoo does make changes to their interface gradually, so they’re not really a “never redesign” site. Yahoo is always adding links and features to their site, but the look and feel of their site is fundamentally unchanged since it was launched, or at least it feels that way to me (I’d like to see a screen shot of the original Yahoo). Perhaps that’s the hallmark of good stewardship of a Web site, changes to the site are small and helpful so that the users never have jarring experiences upon returning to the site.