General disgruntlement: the differences between Emacs and XEmacs really are a pain. If you’re keeping score at home, XEmacs is a much nicer application to use than regular old Emacs out of the box. The GUI looks better and has a few design features that make it really nice to use. Unfortunately, its API differs from the standard GNU Emacs API enough that most of the add-ons written for Emacs are broken in XEmacs to varying degrees. Even though I want to use XEmacs, I can’t, because it doesn’t work worth a crap with JDE. I think that the onus is on XEmacs to iron out the incompatabilities, but apparently the maintainers have little interest in doing so. You’d think that the Emacs developers would try to get Emacs to look as good as XEmacs, but Emacs development appears to be on the slow boat. When you spend many hours every day in your text editor, these kind of problems really begin to grate.