How loathesome can the Justice Department get in the Bush administration? Bush is looking to appoint Ted Olson, the attorney who represented him before the Supreme Court in the post-election hearings and worked on the Arkansas Project for billionaire scumbag Richard Mellon Scaife as solicitor general. The solicitor general represents the Justice Department before the Supreme Court, and decides which Supreme Court cases the Justice Department will be a party to. It’s a very important job, and to see it go to a member of the right wing of the right wing and publicly known Vast Right Wing Conspiritor is offensive in the extreme. I get tired of Dubya blathering about the spirit of bipartisanship at press conferences as he shoves ultra-conservative dirtbags like Olson down our throats. I can only see these nominations as the opening moves in a four-year strategy to pack the federal judiciary with as many Scalia clones as possible. Heck, why not? Maybe the people Dubya appoints to the federal courts today can give his nephew the Presidency in 20 years or so.