William Saletan has a great article about David Horowitz at Slate. In case you’re not tuned in to this, Horowitz tried to take out an ad in a bunch of college newspapers arguing against reparations for slavery, and some colleges refused to run the ad. In other cases, the newspapers that did run the ad were stolen, or the editors of the paper caught lots of flack from people on campus. Of course, that was the very outcome Horowitz wanted, because he knew that stirring up controversy on college campuses would garner him coverage in the mainstream media that he could never afford to pay for. Horowitz’s publicity stunt has garnered an amazing amount of media coverage (it was on the local news here, even), so in that sense it was very successful. Saletan’s article contrasts the 10 points in the ad with Horowitz’s own behavior since the ad ran, and comes to some damning conclusions.