When are we going to stop joking around and admit that the NMD program is nothing more than a multibillion-dollar make work program for the disadvantaged aerospace industry? The New York Times reports today that the very missiles our missile defense system is supposed to stop (those launched by backward rogue states that have it in for us) are, in fact, the hardest to destroy, because their flight path is erratic and they tumble through the air. Apparently it’s difficult to tell these warhead-equipped flying pieces of junk from any other flying piece of junk, and it’s hard to keep them on radar. Anyway, the fact that we won’t even be able to test the system against these types of targets for years (never mind the fact that we haven’t conducted a test that we haven’t cheated on in some way in the first place) hasn’t prevented the Pentagon from starting to clear real estate for our missile base in Alaska. Remember, such a defense system is only worthwhile if our enemies believe it will work. Fat chance of that.