Today’s batch of links from our national crisis:

  • Fearful flight crews are refusing to let Arabs (or people who look like they might be Muslim) board flights at the last minute.
  • President Bush feels he’s on a mission from God.
  • Phil Zimmerman (of PGP fame) is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his software may be used by terrorists. I think it’s wrong for him to blame himself.
  • A long-time BBC Middle East correspondent has written a detailed list of America’s activities in the region. There is no justification for the attack on September 11, but Arabs have plenty of reasons not to like us. The most disturbing thing about the article is that it’s far from comprehensive.
  • Salon has yet another article on how the United States pumped billions of dollars worth of weapons and training into Afghanistan in the 80s, and then dropped it like a hot potato when the Soviets pulled out.
  • The last Osama bin Laden interview by a Western journalist. (From Forbes. Link found at