I’m taking a quick stroll through the CIA World Factbook’s file on Afghanistan. Some interesting facts: 12% of the land is arable, 0% is farmland. It has roughly 27,000,000 citizens. The life expectancy is 46.24 years. The literacy rate among women is 15% (and, since women are not allowed to get an education, it’s going down). Among men it’s only 47%. The number one agricultural product is the opium poppy. Afghanistan encompases 674,000 square kilometers of land, none of it is water. There are 26 kilometers of railroad tracks in the country, and 2800km of paved roads. The GDP per capita is $800 a year. Considering that the major staple of their economy is opium sales, I doubt that the median income is anywhere near $800 a year. Just thought you might want to know.