Despite the fact that the US vehemently denies dropping a bomb on a hospital in Afghanistan, the Frontier Post (a Peshawar, Pakistan newspaper) is reporting the claim as straight news. The article doesn’t even include the fact that the US denied bombing the hospital, it just reports the Taliban claims that we did so. I imagine that coverage is similar throughout the Muslim world. The Pakistani newspaper is also reporting claims that two American helicopters were shot down within Afghanistan, and that Al Jazeera showed footage of what was allegedly wreckage of the helicopters. On the other hand, I can’t find any coverage in that paper of the Taliban’s rocket attack on civilians in the Northern Alliance held town of Charikar, which is reported as an aside in this BBC story. The fact is that even as the Taliban condemns the United States for killing Afghan civilians and accuses us of purposefully doing so, they are, in fact, intentionally attacking Afghan civilians themselves.