It occurred to me that I could just look up Fouad Ajami in Google and see what came up, being that he’s a professor at American University. Apparently, some Arabs aren’t big Ajami fans: here’s a satirical fake interview with Ajami that somebody posted to a message board. Here’s a 1999 review of Ajami’s book that talks about his background. An excerpt:

Ajami’s cachet is that he is the only Arab-American expert to appear with any real frequency in the national media. He echoes the kind of anti-Arabism that both Washington and the pro-Israel lobby have come to embrace. “The Sunnis are homicidal and the Shiites are suicidal,” Ajami once told television viewers. Attempting to explain Arab culture in the United States, he remarked, was like “getting lost in the twisted alleyways of [a] Middle Eastern bazaar.” Indeed, when Bush emerged from his wartime meeting with Ajami, he reportedly confided, with some surprise, that he found him more anti-Arab than even the Israelis.