One of the 80 injured and partially drowned Taliban to emerge from the basement of Qalai Janghi (as MSNBC spells it) is a 20 year old American. Newsweek has an exclusive interview (link via Ethel) with Abdul Hamid (who refused to give his American name to the interviewer). In it he explains how the prison revolt began, and admits that he supported the 9/11 attack on the United States. I wonder if he’ll be tried in one of Bush’s military tribunals — you forfeit your citizenship if you serve in the armed forces of a foreign country. (CNN also has a story on Abdul Hamid, whose real name is apparently John Walker.)

For more on the prisoner uprising at Qalai Janghi, check out this National Geographic interview with Robert Young Pelton (the author of Dangerous Places), who’s on the scene.