So the Olympics are finally over. I really enjoyed the Olympics, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the winter games better than the summer games, despite the fact that the only winter “sport” I’ve ever engaged in was sledding down a hill one time.

I think the reason I enjoy the winter games so much is that so many of the sports involve people travelling ridiculously fast (or flying absurdly high) assisted only by their own muscle, gravity, and smooth surfaces. I think another nice thing about the winter games is that there are fewer events to keep track of, and fewer athletes overall. Most of the winter sports are like swimming in the summer games, the same people compete in multiple events. It’s easier on the viewer when there aren’t 10 billion stars the way there are in the summer games.

I also want to note that I’m very happy that Canada won the gold medal in hockey. I think that it meant more to the Canadians than it could have meant to any other country in the world, especially the United States, which has, lets face it, an embarrassment of riches when it comes to athletic success. The Canadians are successful too, but being held off the top of the podium for 50 years in your national winter sport has to hurt.

Oh, and I was really excited that America did so well in the winter olympics. Ordinarily, the winter games are one of the few areas athletically speaking where the US team is a major underdog. It was shocking that we did so well, and quite gratifying. Next time we can all bellyache if Americans win all the time, but this time, it was a pleasant surprise.