OK, this lunatic is our Attorney General. This “Let the Eagle Soar” crap freaks me out:

Let the eagle soar
Like she’s never soared before
From rocky coast to golden shore
Let the mighty eagle soar
Soar with healing in her wings
As the land beneath her sings
Only God no other kings
Let the mighty eagle soar

He wrote it himself, as if you hadn’t guessed. The song’s chorus references John Ashcroft’s ahistorical “No king but Jesus” hobby horse, which is a nice touch. Can the guy go anywhere and not talk about God?

Oh, and induldge me as I continue my Ashcroft jag. He gave a speech to the home crowd at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention on February 19. Apparently, in order to be civilized, you have to be a God-fearing sort:

Civilized people — Muslims, Christians and Jews — all understand that the source of freedom and human dignity is the Creator. Civilized people of all religious faiths are called to the defense of His creation.

Odd that I didn’t find that gem in the papers. Nor did I find this interesting take on the Constitution:

Our Constitution does not call for the establishment of religion in the public square. Just as important, it does not call for the abolition of religion in the public square. It calls for the respect of religion in its indispensable role in forming a just and moral citizenry.

I think they left that part out of my copy of the Constitution.