The NYT has an article on President Bush’s moronic pandering to the delusional right on the issue of abstinence education:

“Abstinence is the surest way, and the only completely effective way, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease,” Mr. Bush said on Tuesday in outlining his welfare reform plan. “When our children face a choice between self-restraint and self-destruction, government should not be neutral.”

So having premarital sex is now self-destruction? Do these people listen to themselves? Let’s get the statistics on how what percentage of Americans have had sex before marriage and perhaps reassess the situation. This puritanical obsession with abstinence is, to be frank, going to lead to a lot of deaths and ruined lives. These people are in deep, deep denial.

Oh, and to bring it down to a more personal level, are we to believe that our President, who put in a few years as a drunken frat boy and probable coke-head during his salad days, practiced abstinence until he married the First Lady? Here’s a rich man who became President of the United States. Certainly he proves that livin’ la vida loca in your misspent youth isn’t necessarily the first step on the inevitable path to self-destruction.