I think everybody has used a script from Matt’s Script Archive at one time or another. Unfortunately, the scripts have not been updated since 1996, and they’re rife with bugs and security holes, the most egregious being that the famed formmail script can be exploited to relay spam. Some guys created drop in replacements for the scripts under the monicker nms, and finally Matt Wright is endorsing the scripts on his site.

It’s about time. Matt’s scripts are a total menace, and even now, they’re available for download from his site. If Matt were a responsible Internet citizen, he would have either fixed the scripts or taken them down. He hasn’t done either, and despite the fact that he admits that his scripts aren’t even up to his own standards, he still lets people download them. Not a wise decision. Furthermore, he doesn’t link to the nms page for downloads, so he has to keep track of updates to the nms versions of the script and upload them to his own site. That’s not too cool either.