So the biggest news that broke while I was on my little trip was the fact that the CIA was totally on to two of the 9/11 hijackers, and failed to tell anybody that these guys who were members of Al Qaeda and who might have had a part in the bombing of the USS Cole happened to be hanging out right here in America. Would it have been too much for somebody to, you know, send an email to the INS or FBI to let them know who these guys were?

The most tragic revelation in the article is that on 8/23/2001, the CIA realized that it might be worth tracking these guys down and bringing them in for a few questions. This should certainly give pause to anyone who would excuse the CIA’s negligence on the grounds that they’re not supposed to share information with the FBI or whoever.

It’s also pretty damning that the CIA’s utter incompetence has been known throughout the executive branch since the attacks. Even as professional ass coverers have been on the talking head shows and in front of Congress giving the “We did our best” party line, it was known that the CIA blew it utterly and completely.

Anyway, it’s worth reading the whole article. Once the two hijackers were in the US, they registered for everything under their real names, met with other hijackers, and generally did everything they could to get caught and get their buddies caught as well. Unfortunately, after the CIA finally got around to notifying the FBI about these guys on 8/23, the feds failed to search for them in obscure places like the phone book and the DMV rolls in California. Of course there’s no way to know whether we could have thwarted the attacks, but every day it becomes increasingly obvious that we could have done a hell of a lot better, and that the guys we pay to protect us don’t want us to know that.