Since I started working on the RSS feed for this site, I’ve become RSS crazy. I’ve actually been messing around with RSS stuff passively for a couple of months, ever since I got around to really giving AmphetaDesk a fair chance at joining my daily routine. Since I started working on my own site, though, I’ve been delving a lot more into the various RSS feeds that are available, RSS-related sites, and the RSS tools that are out there.

So far, I’ve tried out three RSS tools pretty extensively, the previously mentioned AmphetaDesk, FeedReader, and Aggie. I’ll post short reviews of the pros and cons of each of them this week.

I’m also creating a growing list of RSS feeds that I watch. It’s truly amazing how complementary RSS is to blogging (and more importantly, to reading blogs). I confess that there are time periods when I don’t read many blogs at all due to lack of time and frustration with going to blogs and seeing that they haven’t been updated since my previous visit. Viewing things in an RSS reader eliminates both of those problems, for the most part.