Howard J Bashman explains how the Constitution works simply enough, for those who don’t yet understand:

This decision is easy to parody; it is easy to denounce. One of the most interesting aspect of yesterday’s television coverage of the ruling was when reporters took to the street to interview the average person. Those interviews suggest to me that it would be quite amusing for television stations to take to the streets regularly to ask the people what they think about having the Constitution enforced in ways that are not favored by the majority. For example, we could ask the person on the street what he or she thinks about the Fourth Amendment when it is used to exclude evidence that was necessary to convict an actually guilty individual, or what he or she thinks about excluding the unconstitutionally coerced confession of someone who is guilty. The beauty of the Constitution is that it doesn’t matter if the person on the street likes the consequences of the document’s provisions, because various parts of the document exist to protect the most vulnerable and least popular.