I’m kind of amazed at the legs that this Harken Energy insider trading scandal has. Of all of the dumb and obnoxious things Bush has done, this is what is holding the media’s attention. Was it an insider trade? I have no idea, but the (perhaps tainted) SEC didn’t think so. I’m far more interested in the Aloha Petroleum deal, which was pretty clearly an outright scam from the get go. It seems like it was Bush’s responsibility to know about what was going on there, and to put a stop to it, seeing as how it was unethical and probably should have been illegal. In any case, as far as I’m concerned, the only thing these scandals should lead to is people thinking about them when they decide who to vote for in 2004. We have a President (and really, an executive branch) that were heavily engaged in exactly the sort of book cooking that has put our economy right into the toilet, can we really expect them to fix the problems?