The XHTML 2.0 spec has been released, and it drops compatability with XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.0, and everything else. What does this mean for practical Web developers right now? Nothing. No browsers support XHTML 2.0. What does it mean for browser makers? Mainly more work — it’s not as though they can drop support for everything that currently exists, deprecated or no. Google has an index of 2.5 billion Web pages, and not a single one of them are written using XHTML 2.0. Most likely, nearly none of them will ever be converted to XHTML 2.0 or even XHTML 1.0. Certainly XHTML 2.0 carries many advantages for developers, but until we can start coding our pages to that standard, we have to wait for browser makers to release browsers that support it and for the critical mass of people to start using those browsers. In the meantime, keep using XHTML 1.0.