My experiment with Gentoo Linux continues. For some reason, I’ve created a productive relationship with Gentoo Linux such that my nonstop experimentation has not yet resulted in a completely hopeless Linux installation. In other words, I’ve not yet had to boot off of the CD and reformat the hard drive to get things working again. For most people, this may not be impressive, but for me, it’s astounding. I will say that I managed to massacre my installation of binutils (which prevented new applications from installing), wipe out everything important in /etc, and foul any number of other things in the past couple of weeks, but I have been able to recover every time without starting over from scratch. Considering that my general half life with a Red Hat installation is about a week, that’s darned impressive for me. Currently I have the KDE 3.1 beta installing — if I don’t break everything with that I really will be on a roll.