The brief but tawdry saga of versus Roller Weblogger has come to a peaceful end. I don’t take back any of the mean things I said about because I feel that it’s assinine to threaten people with a lawsuit right off the bat. I expect that kind of boorish behavior from law firms on retainer to corporate conglomerates, not from small businesses that depend on being a member of a community to succeed. Most of us doing this whole blogging thing are hobbyists who don’t earn a dime from it, and who don’t have a thing to gain other than perhaps some respect and attention from our peers. Dealing with the idea of going to court over a specious claim to your domain name adds an unneeded level of stress to anyone’s life, and I blame Erin (the guy who runs for making Dave Johnson miserable for a couple of days.

That said, Erin has since apologized and from what I’ve read elsewhere, he runs his business well. There’s no grudge on my part, and no need for anybody to take their business eleswhere on general principle as far as I can tell. Erin’s apology is online here.