The new design is live. The new layout uses CSS for everything, and I’m pretty sure all of the pages on the site are XHTML 1.0 compliant. (I figured if Wired could do it, so could I.) If you notice any problems or the pages look stupid in your browser, please let me know. One specific question I have is how to make the left column extend to the bottom of the page on short pages like this one. As always, feedback is welcomed.

After spending a big chunk of time going through content of various vintages on the Web site, I can’t get over how much easier it is to do things with CSS than it is to hack around with font tags, and tables, and all that other crap that we used to use to make our pages look the way we wanted. This site will be about 10 times easier to maintain now. Oh, and if you haven’t used HTML Tiidy yet, I highly recommend it. It did a great job of fixing my crappy old pages so that I could bear to look at them.