Is it a coincidence that Stewart Alsop has written a column on the coming CDMA takeover only a couple of weeks after Steven Den Beste posted his long technical explanation of how CDMA is superior to GSM? Far be it from me to be cynical, but I find it to be an odd coincidence, especially given that Den Beste’s piece was Slashdotted after he wrote it. If Alsop did read Den Beste’s piece, he probably should have credited him somewhere. Then again, who knows when Alsop actually wrote his column? It could have been a month ago, given the publishing schedules of magazines.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been convinced of CDMA’s superiority for years. The first time I ever bought a cell phone (1996), I chose PrimeCo’s CDMA service (and a Qualcomm phone) because after reading about the various digital cellular schemes, I realized that CDMA was superior by far to others. It has not yet come to dominate the market, but I agree with both Den Beste and Alsop that it will.