So, some right wing bonehead linked to my site the other day, and managed to misrepresent a relatively simple item in three ways.

His neighbors are most likely foreigners, judging by the way he wrote that they “don’t know a whole lot about US politics.” So either they are naturalized citizens who have decided to learn nothing about the political system of their new country (unlikely) or they live in an area where Democrat politicians have gotten some sort of same-day registration law passed that makes it incredibly easy for them to commit voter fraud (likely).

He is correct that my neighbors are immigrants. My neighbors know as much about US politics as most Americans who don’t pay any attention to the news (in other words, most Americans). His speculation that I live in a state where we have same day voter registration is wrong, and he probably could have figured it out himself had he read what I wrote in the first place, where I specifically stated that the registration deadline was Oct 11. I have no desire to commit or encourage voter fraud, my neighbors are naturalized citizens who are strongly opposed to the Bush foreign policy agenda, and have every right to vote in any election.

They know nothing about politics, yet they know they hate George W. Bush. We’re obviously not dealing with free-thinking indivualists here, aren’t we? Never mind, the Democrats will be there to run their lives and tell them how to think.

Whoops, again we have a misrepresentation. I didn’t say they know knowing about politics, I said they don’t know a whole lot about US politics. I have never told them who to vote for, I just know that if they did vote, they’d vote for Democrats because they don’t like the Bush administration’s foreign policy. If being a single issue voter discredits you as a voter or citizen, it’s news to me.

Apathetic, clueless, easily-led immigrants who commit voter fraud. The ideal Democrat voter.

My neighbors are not apathetic, nor are they clueless, and they certainly didn’t commit voter fraud. I don’t have any interest in taking on every right wing cheap shot artist out there (as if there are enough hours in the day), but I don’t appreciate my writings being used as the springboard for moronic insinuations and half assed speculation. Judging from the fact that the site in question has only sent two referrers my way since he published the item, I’d guess that it’s not particularly well read anyway, and I sort of regret giving him this publicity.