My desktop PC at home is running Windows XP, and it has this problem where it hangs on boot all the time. At first I just put it down to basic Windows stupidity and didn’t even try and diagnose it, but after awhile, I tried booting in safe mode and saw that the system always hangs while trying to load the file mup.sys. After searching the Web for awhile and seeing that people were asking about this problem but none of them were getting answers, I turned to Google Groups. This is a problem many people seem to be having, and nobody seems to know the solution. Possible solutions include:

  • Reinstalling the whole OS from scratch.
  • Updating your BIOS.
  • Randomly removing hardware from your computer and seeing if things start working.
  • Removing the current version of mup.sys and putting the previous (insecure) version back into place.

In the meantime, nobody from Microsoft has even acknowledged the bug, much less proposed a real solution. Microsoft, you suck.