Is it just me, or are Trent Lott’s boneheaded and probably heartfelt comments about Mississippi supporting Strom Thurmond’s 1948 pro-segregation candidacy not getting the outraged response that they deserve? It’s times like this that I get a really good laugh out of the idea that we’re somehow burdened with a liberal media establishment. Shouldn’t we be seeing editorials calling for his resignation, or at least some criticism. You can see the quote itself at Slate, and the Washington Post has a reaction piece.

It was bad enough that Trent Lott cops to still being proud of supporting Thurmond back in 1948, but it was this sentence that should have ended Lott’s political career, “And if the rest of the country had of followed our lead we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either.” Which problems, exactly, Senator Lott?

By the way, to get a feel for the lack of coverage of Lott’s statements, check out this Google News search. One thing the Republican punditry excels at is viciously punishing Democrats for anything they say that’s percieved as out of line. Where are the liberals here?

He’s catching a bit more flack in the blog world.