Well, after I complained here that the Trent Lott gaffe/self-immolation wasn’t getting any press, it started getting tons of press. (Correlation definitely does not imply causation in this case.) This is looking like one of those snowballing affairs where the story kind of takes on its own momentum. People are unearthing all sorts of nasty bits from Lott’s past: an amicus brief in favor of Bob Jones University (a racist institution that many Republicans pander to), a comment from 1980 where Lott said basically the same thing he said just a few days ago about Strom Thurmond’s 1948 Presidential campaign, and all of that Council of Conservative Citizens stuff that should have drummed Lott out of the Republican leadership years ago. In the meantime, Lott has issued several utterly bogus apologies which haven’t helped him a bit. The New York Times ran an editorial today under the headline Fire Trent Lott. In any case, I feel like my work here is done. I’m going to stop linking to Trent Lott items. Josh Marshall has been following the story with fervor, so if you, like me, can’t take your eyes away from the Trent Lott train wreck, visit Talking Points Memo regularly.