Now that Wi-Fi is pretty much taking over the world, the military is complaining that it interferes with some types of military radar and that changes should be made to accommodate the military’s requirements. Unfortunately, it’s too late. There are already millions of Wi-Fi devices that have been deployed, and there are going to be millions more as well. The appropriate time for the military to complain was when the FCC proposed opening up the frequency range used by Wi-Fi for unlicensed usage. Besides, newer cordless phones also use the same frequency ranges as 802.11b and 802.11a wireless networking devices — are we going to update all of those as well? And finally, what incentive to people in other countries have for complying with the requirements of the US military? In theory, it’s more important that military radar work in parts of the world where we actually fight than here on American soil, unless the concern is that Wi-Fi is making it harder for us to catch drug smugglers or something.