Is it just me, or does the Bush administration make some creepy, proposal for new violations of our privacy every single day? Today the New York Times reports that the Bush administration is proposing a centralized monitoring system for the entire Internet. Sure, it could be used to monitor the activities of individual users, but of course it won’t. (Insert winks and nudges where appropriate.) The thing that amazes me is that Republicans are supposed to stand for smaller government. It seems to me though, that when it comes to freedom of speech, defense spending, governmental spying on Americans, data warehousing (except when it comes to gun ownership), and our right to practice or reject religion as we see fit, that’s not the case. On the other hand, they’re all about reducing the size of government when it comes to enforcing environmental regulations, upholding civil rights laws, prosecuting corporate criminals, and making sure that all Americans have food and access to health care. You already knew all that, though.