So I read an article about why JSP sucks, and this was the first response:

This is why I don’t recommend Java for web development, and just use PHP. With many template implementations out there for PHP, it’s simple to have someone use dreamweaver and just put little {MY_VAR} where the data goes!

How is this in any way better than <%= myVar %> or <bean:write name="myVar" />? To me, it’s not. And you’re throwing out the other 8,000 things that make J2EE a great platform for writing Web applications. In any case, this person is obviously utterly ignorant. The reason they don’t recommend Java for Web development is that they don’t understand it. PHP has its advantages, too. I don’t pick out one crappy feature in PHP and post to my weblog saying that I don’t recommend it due to that feature (in fact, I use PHP). I’m not being defensive of Java here, but I get tired of seeing tons of this shoot from the hip sort of crap every day.