I have a bunch of ideas about things I want to write about here, and some code that I want to write to make this site better, but I have had no time to work on it, because I’ve been finishing a book project. Nearly all of the book work I’ve done over the past four or five years has been behind the scenes — rather than writing whole books from scratch, I update other people’s books, or write chapters when people fall behind and can’t finish, or do tech edits to make sure that books are technically accurate. The projects are less gruelling than concieving and writing entire books, and I’ve spent most of the past three years really honing my Java skills, so I haven’t been ahead of the curve enough to write anything really interesting. In any case, the project I’m finishing now is a revision of a pretty well known and venerable HTML book. It has three new chapters in it, and the one I’m particularly proud of covers laying out pages with CSS, because I learned a ton more about CSS while writing it and I think it’s well done. Anyway, I’m just about done with it now and will soon be off to other things, like making some improvements around here.