Noah Grey makes two claims in his WriteTheWeb interview that are untrue:

That little statement on my photolog is just my way of saying, “I did it first” – I’ve read so many articles and comments by now speaking as if there was nothing between Blogger and Movable Type (much less as if Greymatter didn’t still have a loyal following, and wasn’t continuing to be used by thousands of people). I don’t begrudge MT one bit of its success, I have to appreciate better than most the effort that must have gone into it and what a tremendous accomplishment it is – it’s a race that I very willingly gave up running, and I’m quite content to stay in my little corner of the web and quietly but happily say, I broke that ground, I did it first.


I think I understand and appreciate the value of openness as well as anyone – Greymatter is one of the most well-known opensource programs in the world, after all (and in fact I’ve now put it under a Creative Commons license).

Was Greymatter the first standalone weblogging software? I think not. Certainly UserLand would have something to say about that, and there were probably other weblogging packages out there before Greymatter as well. And Greymatter as the one of the most well-known open source programs in the world? Which world might that be?