As much as I love Mozilla, I’m beginning to think that I can’t use it as my email client any longer. After I’ve been using it for awhile, it seems like it starts to break. On machines where I don’t use the email portion, it seems to work fine forever, but on the laptop where I use it to read my email, it has basically failed two times. The first time, it got to where it just hung on startup and wouldn’t load any more until I created a new profile. Now whenever I try to send mail it just hangs and starts eating memory like crazy. I like Mozilla’s email client, it’s really pretty decent (given that all email clients basically stuck), but if it’s going to crap out periodically and make me start over with a clean in box, then it has to go. Fortunately for this iteration I started using IMAP instead of POP so I don’t have to retire my old email or port it to whatever new client I start using.

I also use mutt to read my email through a shell, so changing email clients won’t delay my email responsiveness any more than my general lack of reading email already does, but it is quite a hassle. There’s also the matter of finding something else to use. Pretty much every email client I’ve tried annoys me in some fundamental way.