If you don’t want to read a superheated rant, please skip this. Did you watch the Bush speech? If you didn’t, you should read the transcript. Based on the statements Bush made, I’d ask you the following questions.

Do you think we’ve done everything we could to avoid war?

Do you believe that we made a good faith effort to bring our case to the United Nations and devise a peaceful resolution to the conflict?

Do you believe that Iraq is an imminent danger to this country?

Do you believe that we’ve created a large coalition that will support us in our effort to depose Saddam Hussein?

Because if you took Bush at his word, you’d have to believe all of those things. I didn’t expect that he’d come on TV and say that we’ve been planning on invading Iraq for at least a year and that despite the fact that we couldn’t make up a story good enough for the members of the UNSC to believe, the war begins this week. I honestly don’t know what I expected.

I’ve given both sides of the debate very serious consideration, and unlike most neocons and warmongers, I’ve actually read The Threatening Storm. What I found today when I heard a reporter on the radio talking about how people in Baghdad were lining up at pharmacies to get all the medicine they can and filling up their cars with gas for all the good it will do is that my reaction against this war is a lot more visceral than I would have imagined. I grew up on the Gulf coast, and I can remember what it was like when we heard there was a hurricane coming. We did what we could and hoped against hope that the coming destruction would miss us, and it always did. What must it be like to be in a city in Iraq right now? You know the destruction is coming, and you know that the only thing that will save you now is luck.

I sit here in America, and I ponder the fact that we’re the people who are about to inflict that on another country. Not because they’ve attacked us, and not because they’re preparing to attack us, but because they might possibly attack us. I won’t argue with anyone who says that Saddam Hussein is a brutal, oppressive dictator who deserves whatever fate befalls him, but there are literally millions of people who are about to stop being Saddam Hussein’s victims and start being our victims. The United States is about to be the disaster that befalls them. And when I look at President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and their ghoulish set of war-loving minions, I don’t think they appreciate the gravity of that.