I wound up watching the Dixie Chicks interview on PrimeTime Thursday, mainly because my wife was interested. Let me just say that my position is that the Dixie Chicks are free to criticize the President in any way they choose, and that people are free to criticize the Dixie Chicks in any way they choose. Just the same, I’m allowed to think that anybody who would drag their kids out to a Dixie Chicks CD smashin’ party is likely to be a total and complete moron. And, anyone who would issue a death threat against someone for speaking ill of the President is a psychopath who should probably be in jail.

Anyway, I thought that the Chicks acquitted themselves pretty well in their image rehab appearance. They of course said lots of things about everybody making mistakes, just as their handlers told them to, but they said lots of intelligent things as well. Natalie Maines apologized for what she said, but made it perfectly clear that the sentiment was her own and that it hadn’t changed. Also, when Diane Sawyer asked her if they wanted forgiveness, she refused to bite as well, merely saying that she wanted to be accepted, but not forgiven. I was quite pleased that they weren’t willing to sell themselves out.