One thing that’s obvious to anybody who’s been paying attention is that the Bush administration has been telling a lot of lies about the economy and its plans to fix them with a tax cut. Spinsanity has done a nice job of cataloging the lies, and plenty of other people have been talking about them as well. Despite that, President Bush’s road show over the past couple of weeks did a great job of bolstering public support for his tax cut, at least based on the poll numbers. What this tells me is that for some reason, Bush has a lot of credibility with the voting public, in spite of the fact that his administration basically lies about everything, from the economic effects of his tax cut, to why we went to war with Iraq, to the reason why he pulled the airplane stunt on the USS Abraham. I just don’t see the Democrats being able to put on a campaign that will enable them to correct the public’s perception of Bush’s credibility in time to win in 2004.