William Saletan has a breakdown of John Edwards’ speech announcing his tax plan and it seems as though Edwards is putting forth a very interesting argument about the effect that Republican fiscal shenanigans are having on our economy. I’m glad to see that Democrats are starting to poke holes in the Bush record rather than just carping at each other. Yes, one of them has to prevail in the primaries, but they should all be working toward beating Bush in the general election as well. The Democrats have a disadvantage in that they have to do some infighting at first, but they have the advantage of all being able to land blows on Bush along the way. Hopefully some of the criticisms will stick when it comes down to it.

By the way, John Edwards really needs to work on the fact that his campaign home page is the #10 result from Google when you type in “john edwards” as your query. He comes in behind the host of Crossing Over and a run of the mill attack site put up under a convenient URL. Not good.