Adam Curry has posted a follow up for his pro-RSS item that I commented on previously. I still don’t think he’s quite got things in hand, but I understand reticence regarding the pain of moving from one format to the other. As Tristan Louis demonstrates, though, moving from an old format to the new one in this case is pretty darn straightforward (being that both are based on eminently parseable and transformable XML). I feel like his worries about the format falling under the control of some nefarious entity are less well founded. And concerns about marketing are completely misplaced. Despite the inordinate amount of attention being paid to this project, it’s not really of interest to that many people. There’s about as much need for the marketing of the yet to be named syndication format and weblog API as there is for a huge campaign to kick off the release of an updated RFC for SMTP. It’s plumbing that most people just shouldn’t even have to think about. If you don’t write an aggregator or weblog publishing tool, move along.