Hey ColdFusion developers, turn those frowns upside down, you were right all along. The linked piece explains why it may not be such a good idea to port your CFML applications to Java. There are definitely some good generic points made about the costs in time and knowledge of dumping one platform in favor of another, but those apply whether you’re moving from J2EE to CFML or vice versa.

The really disingenuous bit in the article says that JSP is becoming more like CFML (true), so why bother moving to it (false). They’ve adding some syntactic sugar to JSP to make it more like CFML, which is a nice thing for developers (there are some great things about CFML), but that just means that you get all the flexibility, power, and most importantly, structure of Java with something resembling the ease of use of CFML.

One thing I’d agree with is that if you’re not going to use a framework of some kind and implement your apps following the Model-View-Controller pattern (or some other pattern that lets you keep all your business logic away from your presentation templates), there’s absolutely no reason to move from CFML to JSP. Crap is crap, regardless of the language it’s implemented in.